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No Petticoats Here

~~Fordingbridge Museum brings the town “No Petticoats Here”, an acclaimed show telling the incredible stories of women in WW1. Renowned international artist Louise Jordan will be performing her inspirational work at St Mary’s Church Hall at 7.30 pm on 24th November 2018.

Accompanying herself on keyboard, guitar and percussion Louise will explore the lives of some of the remarkable women through their own words and recorded soundscape.

Museum manager Philippa Duckworth said: “Louise will be performing in the month that we commemorate the signing of the armistice that ended WW1. Most histories of the war record the bravery and achievements of men but women played a vital yet often forgotten part in the war both at home and abroad. We know that Louise has performed “No Petticoats Here” all over the country and is in great demand in this centenary year.  We are therefore extremely lucky to have been able to book her for what we know will be a touching and powerful performance.”

Examples of the astonishing stories uncovered by Louise’s extensive research include women footballers who kept the sport alive during the war, a journalist who dressed as a soldier and travelled to the western front on a bicycle, women who were inventors and engineers, women who risked their lives to treat the wounded on the front line as well as a spy and those who worked to make the weapons of war.

Louise said, “This performance is very different to most concerts: it is enhanced by technology with pre-recorded sound tracks bringing the words of the women and the sounds they experienced to life. This soundscape weaves around the original songs I have written and I also present framed images of the women and perform in costume to help the audience visualise the stories.”

The title “No Petticoats Here” comes from a remark made to Dr Elsie Inglis who was trying to set up a hospital in WW1 and was told by an MP, “To go home and sit still; we don’t want any petticoats here”  

Louise went on to say, “The First World War too often remembers women as the mourners of the fallen, as frugal housewives ‘making do’ or angelic nurses caring patiently for the men who returned from the Front Line. Through “No Petticoats Here” I remember some of the many women whose stories do not fit conveniently into boxes and whose experiences are both astonishing and relatable one hundred years on.”

Tickets to this rich visual and auditory experience are on sale for £13 at The Fordingbridge Bookshop and include a light supper. The audience is invited to bring their own wine.

Posted on 15 Nov 2018

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